Unity in Diversity

Ever wonder what a true Diverse children's picture book will look like? Get your hands on any of our titles, with mesmerizing illustrations and indulging story they will have kids giggling and engaged from start to finish.

Our picture books are perfect for read-aloud fun, and are also appropriate for beginning readers. We pour diversity, traditional wisdom and cultural values from India into our stories. Our stories bring action and suspense that cut through the age gap without obscuring the important moral lesson of the story.

We bring cultural diversity, and write thought provoking stories in a fun and entertaining way.Our stories maintain Indian names and characters that lend authenticity to a rich plot. We bring colorful festivals celebrated in India in our stories complimented by richly detailed, mesmerizing illustrations.

Our Illustrations are set against a colorful Indian backdrop; each illustration depicts a vivid and real example of what life is like in India – from modern cities to outer villages to forests – and radiates the warmth of the people.