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Sujata & Subhash Kommuru Sujata & Subhash Kommuru

The Fraser Walk for Autism was a family–friendly walk around the first level of Mall of America filled with sensory-friendly activities, mascots, games, prizes and giveaways. We received breakfast. In 2017, volunteers and sponsors helped raised over $90,000.

Just by getting one of our books you helped make a difference in community. We donated $100.  Thank you!

Sujata & Subhash Kommuru


Bargad is a story that brings kids closer to nature and teaches them respect and caring for environment. We felt that partnering with an organization that is dedicated towards this cause is the right thing to do. We donated 100% of our proceeds from sales of Bargad and Bargad (Hindi)  from January 2014 to December 2016 to Earthshare.org .

Just by getting a copy of our book your kids get entertained, learn some valuable lesson and at the same time you made a difference to the environment

Since 2014 we are donating $20 every month to Earthshare.org


For the month of April 2015, 100% of proceeds from all the books published under Kommuru Books are donated to IfINeedHelp.org. An organization committed to ensuring that your loved ones never get lost.

world wildlife fund

All proceeds from our purchases on Amazon go to World Wildlife fund.

Amazon donates to a charity of your choice for any Purchases made on Smile.Amazon.com

Thank you for your joining hands with us and Making a difference in our community.